City council OKs second medical cannabis dispensary

BROOKINGS – The Brookings City Council on Tuesday approved an application by TK Cannabis LLC to open a medical cannabis dispensary in Brookings. The vote was unanimous with all council members present.

TK Cannabis LLC, dba Prairie Grass, is owned by Trifon Theodosopoulos.

City Clerk Bonnie Foster said the dispensary was to be located at 310 Seventh St. W. 

“The city manager and staff have reviewed the application received and determined all requirements have been satisfied,” Foster said.

“An inspection of the facility, following remodeling and prior to the opening of the business would be required,” Foster said.

Theodosopoulos thanked the council for the opportunity to seek a medical cannabis license.

“I’m a lifelong resident of Brookings, and I see a need for something like this to be in the city limits,” Theodosopoulos said, adding he wanted to provide “the necessary products for people that do benefit from it.”

He said he already owns the property where the dispensary will be located.

“As we obtain licenses from the city and the state level, we are ready to start construction and have a building ready to operate in a short amount of time,” Theodosopoulos said.

Councilor comments

Councilor Leah Brink asked Theodosopoulos if he was concerned about the other applicant, Déjà Vu SD, which was approved by the council last month.

“I think that there are going to be more than two in Brookings,” Theodosopoulos said, adding that Watertown and Sioux Falls both have multiple applications, so the logical conclusion is that Brookings will have similar numbers.

“I don’t see any issues with having another entity be involved with this,” Theodosopoulos said.

Councilor Wayne Avery asked if there was a place or organization to get training or assistance in how to set up a business like this.

“There are educational institutions that offer classes, as little as six-month programs in running facilities … all the different aspects involved in this business are covered by various institutions around the United States,” Theodosopoulos said. “I do not hold any credentials that say that I am the model candidate for it, but I have been in Brookings my entire life and I do see a need for it, so I believe I can offer a benefit to the people in the community and outside the community.”

Mayor Ope Niemeyer asked what the security requirements are for cannabis facilities, asking Foster and City Attorney Steve Britzman about door locks and safes.

“This is a – I’m not going to say a volatile product – but a product that has some significant value to it,” Niemeyer said.

The state has rules that cover security requirements and each applicant has submitted a security plan, Britzman said, adding Theodosopoulos’ security plan is “very detailed.”

The city will inspect and review the security plan before it gets licensed, “so we’ll have a state review and a local review to make sure that there’s adequate security” for both the product and the patrons, Britzman said.

“This is a learning process for all of us,” Niemeyer said.

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