Additional Articles

  • There is no presidential mandate to remake America

    Does President Joe Biden have a mandate to rebuild the United States? To remake American capitalism? To reshape the role of government?

  • COVID vaccines for kids and teens

    What’s the next step in America’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts? There are at least two directions this could go.

  • Biden rides the winds of political change

    In his appearance before a joint session of Congress, President Biden sought to answer Americans’ questions about what direction he intends to steer the country. But Mr. Biden’s speech, less a State of the Union Address than a statement about what kind of union he envisions, left three broader, more consequential, questions unanswered.

  • How to deal with bears?

    It was sure nice, Windy thought. Just sitting out here in Mamie’s yard with my dog, Ramses, and some refreshments Mamie brought out that did not include raw meat or vegetables no one could pronounce.

  • The president’s words ring hollow

    Sadly, a theme of President Biden’s presidency has been the disconnect between what he says and what he does.

  • Tapping the power and potential of women

    COLUMBUS, OHIO – On the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, the 14th-century saint, I was surrounded by Dominican friars, priests who have dedicated their lives to God. Remembering her, we sang: “No earthly pleasure, bodily adornment, nor fleshly beauty, satisfied your longing; every enticement to a life unholy, always avoiding.”

  • New generation taking up Walter Mondale’s conservation legacy to protect Boundary Waters wilderness

    With former Vice President Walter Mondale’s passing, Minnesota lost not only a statesman but one of its foremost conservationists.

  • 100 days and $6 trillion

    More than 100 days ago, President Biden stood before America and promised unity and a path forward.

  • On cable, not all gun violence covered equally

    Cable news programming suggestion: Instead of filling every broadcast with the latest presumptive police outrage, try covering the latest drive-by killings. Show us more of what’s really happening on the streets where we live. Newspapers and local TV are already on it.

  • The year when clergy stress zoomed to a new high

    When training pastors and chaplains, educators frequently stress the need for boundaries between work and home.

  • Attend the National Day of Prayer event

    Welcome to spring. Just a reminder to attend the National Day of Prayer event.

  • Thoughts on Chauvin

    We’ve all seen the various recordings of Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd.

  • We should not be making it more difficult for people to vote

    These days I’m hesitant to admit that I was a member of the Young Republicans in college. In fact, I was one of the officers of our group. I listened religiously to Paul Harvey on the radio.

  • Doing your duty

    June Jor­dan died in 2002, an Amer­i­can child of Jamaican immi­grants whose remark­able poet­ry is col­lect­ed in “The Essen­tial June Jor­dan,” a new col­lec­tion pub­lished by Cop­per Canyon Press.

  • The power of travel

    In South Dakota, we have so much to be proud of. Our beautiful landscapes, thriving business climate, and welcoming residents all combine to make this state truly the land of “Great Faces, Great Places.”

  • Noem speech presents startling meth picture

    Gov. Kristi Noem presented her first State of the State speech Tuesday and included a startling picture of the methamphetamine crisis plaguing our state.