Additional Articles

  • GOP pushes back on Democratic ‘big lie’

    President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Georgia recently to push their party’s bill to federalize U.S. election procedures on terms favorable to Democrats.

  • Maximum occupancy rules should be changed

    My name is Jonathon Sundet. I’m currently a proud student at South Dakota State University, Go Jacks!, and a lifelong Brookings resident. I’m writing to the editor today to advocate for the city council to change Brookings Ordinance Section 22-374 that pertains to maximum occupancy limits. In this ordinance, Brookings restricts rental dwellings to three unrelated adults.

  • Too many touched by trauma: A crisis in America

    “When I hear a firecracker, I panic.”

  • New year reflections: What’s old is ... old

    The turning of the calendar page always prompts reflection, and seldom more so than this year.

  • Don’t just put lipstick on a pig

    Recently, the White House held a roundtable to discuss the meat and poultry supply chain. Farmers, ranchers, and independent processors from across the country shared their experience and expertise with this administration.

  • A matter of degrees

    It wasn’t like this idea just popped into his head all at once. Great notions often take time to fester, you know

  • What is the Brookings School District thinking?

    The Brookings School District has a vital role during a pandemic, as the health of the students and the community is affected by how it responds.

  • Trying to share the excitement of a new dress

    I was excited to wear my new dress.

  • Catholic controversy: Latin Mass meets Chicago rules

    Since the late 19th century, Catholics have recited the Prayer to St. Michael when facing disease, disaster and despair.

  • A civil war over Trump? Not likely

    When it comes to prognostication, my favorite philosopher has always been the eminent Lawrence Peter Berra. “It’s tough to make predictions,” Yogi famously said, “especially about the future.”

  • Tesla in Xinjiang – a bad turn for a Texas company

    On Dec. 1, Tesla moved its headquarters to Harold Green Road in Austin, officially becoming a Texas company.

  • Democrats want to change rules in the middle of the game

    Our founders recognized that it wasn’t just kings who could be tyrants. They knew majorities could be tyrants too, and that the majority party – if unchecked – could trample the rights of the minority party.

  • ‘Stolen election’ the latest of Trump’s lies

    If my mother were still alive, she would be pressing the mother of Donald Trump to do the old-fashioned formula for reforming liars.

  • God bless the 235th MPC

    On Jan. 5, I joined several state and local officials for a deployment ceremony honoring the 235th Military Policy Company. The unit from the South Dakota National Guard is heading to Guantanamo Bay for a challenging operational mission.

  • Happy times

    Albert Gold­barth​’s imag­i­na­tion has the unique pen­chant for a cer­tain absur­dist insis­tence on the delight we can derive from strange­ness.