Additional Articles

  • Investigation of Capitol attack the right call

    WASHINGTON – Tough-talking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House of Representatives is going to establish an independent commission to investigate who and what led to the murderous mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol.

  • A South Dakota approach to clean energy

    This past year has been tough for everybody, but especially for South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, who were already experiencing a struggling agriculture economy before the pandemic hit.

  • Republicans Party faces choice about its future

    Legally, Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate. But politically, he has been found guilty by the American public. And the clash between those two judgments is creating a jagged split right down the middle of the Republican Party.

  • Bovine drama runs hot, even in the cold

    OK, so you have to keep the water faucets dripping and shovel the car out. You may need jumper cables to get the fool thing running. Not that you really need to go anywhere.

  • Carlson: Crevier for council

    I am a Brookings High School student writing to you to inform your readers as to why I am supporting Dr. Isaiah Crevier for the Brookings City Council.

  • Tragedy and travesty near Highmore

    I’m both angry and sorrowful as I review the news reports concerning the Highmore pedestrian death. I vividly recall my own vehicle-deer mishaps during the past 25 years.

  • Mills: Money, medical marijuana issues still ahead

    Week six was a short one. Only three days in Pierre, but somehow it felt like five.

  • Empowering parents

    Good education starts in the home. It starts with strong parents and strong families. We know that parents are responsible for a child’s upbringing and their protection. And COVID-19 underscored just how involved parents need to be in their children’s day-to-day education, as well.

  • Police are being asked to be counselors

    The video has gone viral. If you haven’t seen it, you aren’t on social media, or else you prefer to ignore the bad news. Three of my students made mention of it in their journals, and I’ve only seen four journals so far. Apparently the video has attracted international attention and raises again in a stark and distressing way the question of police reform.

  • Education bills move forward

    Crossover Day is when all bills must be passed out of the chamber of origin to the other chamber or automatically die. That’s this Thursday. In commemoration of bills going to their final resting place, the tradition is to wear black.

  • Should a ‘9/11-style’ commission investigate the riot?

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will vote to create an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. There’s no doubt there needs to be an extensive investigation of the events surrounding the riot. But what is striking is that, even as Pelosi calls for an investigation, a number of government agencies are stonewalling the public on some of the most basic information about the events of Jan. 6.

  • Unlikely lessons from a Super Bowl advertisement

    “We found a baby girl for your adoption, but there are some things you will need to know. She’s in Siberia, and she was born with a rare condition. Her legs will need to be amputated. I know this is difficult to hear. Her life, it won’t be easy.”

  • New York’s misrepresentation of COVID-19 nursing home deaths

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in a political firestorm entirely of his own making. Had he not been so worried about the political repercussions of transparency, he would not be mired in the repercussions of a political cover-up.

  • So, what’s all the hubbub with the electric power grid?

    As I write this opinion piece, I am debating whether to turn on my electric kettle to brew a hot cup of tea on this cold winter evening in Brookings.

  • Presidents Day salutes America’s remarkable leaders

    One of them campaigned for income supplements for veterans of the American Revolution. Another came into prominence for vetoing an inflated street-cleaning contract in Buffalo, New York. A third boasted of not being a Julius Caesar nor a Napoleon, but a “plain Hoosier colonel, with no more relish for a fight than for a good breakfast and hardly so much.”

  • Warm thoughts

    If you didn’t know what time of the year it was, or what the weather was like, you could tell simply by eavesdropping at the philosophy counter of the Mule Barn coffee shop. Let’s give it a try.

  • An American life: A life of purpose

    So endeth one of the great American lives.

  • Debate surrounding acting legal AG’s legal authority intensifies

    Washing-ton – If you are having a hard time keeping track of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, you are not alone.