Love shouldn’t hurt

Courtesy photos

BROOKINGS – Brookings Police officers are wearing purple and teal ribbons on their uniforms in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and also will have purple ribbon car magnets declaring “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” on their patrol cars in October.

Shown above are, from left, BPD Assistant Chief Joe Fishbaugher, Sgt. Tony Sonnenburg, Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter Executive Assistant Carolyn Groves and Lt. Terry Coon.

At right, Groves pins a ribbon on Fishbaugher, who also serves as a Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter board member

“Violence, domestic or in general, needs to stop. All of us men and women need to speak up and teach our children and peers that violence is not the solution to problems. The best place to start with change is with yourself,” Fishbaugher said.

“Our law enforcement officers are exposed to all kinds of domestic violence, on a daily basis. Our hearts hurt, too, seeing people go through this, and this is why we will be wearing the ribbons. Unfortunately, a majority of the time it is left up to law enforcement to step in, when called, to try and end it. Domestic violence is a community, family and friendship circle problem. Nobody should live in fear. It is not acceptable, and we need to empower those who come forward.This also comes from abusers admitting their behaviors are wrong and what they have done is not OK. In order for a person to change their behaviors, they need to first look at themselves and take personal responsibility for that behavior. Then change will come,” he added.


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