Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, Valley FiberCom join forces to provide Internet to tribal community

FLANDREAU – The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe announced it has been awarded federal grant monies as part of the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program to provide its tribal members with prepaid internet services. 

In May, the tribe sat down with local telecommunications service provider, Valley FiberCom, to begin the process of bringing a reliable broadband communications network to the people of the tribe in 2022.

The approximately $2.5 million awarded to the tribe will be utilized to provide fiber-based high-speed internet services to all qualified tribal households in the city of Flandreau and serviceable surrounding areas for a duration of five years. Valley FiberCom, a division of Valley Communications, has been chosen to be the tribes internet service provider for the duration of the grant. 

For the majority of the tribal community, Valley FiberCom’s high-speed service will be a significant upgrade from their current internet utilities. 

As part of the grant, and along with prepaid internet services, all qualifying tribal households will be provided with a laptop as well. Additional information and applications to sign up for both the service,  and the laptop will be forthcoming this fall. 

As part of the collaboration, Valley FiberCom will be offering various computer classes on how to use the laptop as well as applications for internet services.

“Valley FiberCom is extremely excited to provide both the services and support to assist FSST in executing on their recently awarded Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program Grant,” said Valley FiberCom GM/CEO Jeff Symens. “With this grant, tribal members will have the opportunity to implement robust, gigabit, fiber broadband services into their lives.” 

“This opportunity will help place FSST members on a level playing field with other area citizens and businesses, creating sustainability of broadband access and increased opportunities,” added Symens.Learn more about Valley FiberCom at https://valleyfibercom.com/. Also, follow Valley FiberCom on Facebook and Twitter.


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