‘Deery’ doing well at film festivals

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Movie was filmed in South Dakota

BROOKINGS – The team from Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd  has completed a full-length comedy movie, “Deery: Off the Wall,” that, to-date, has won awards in four international film festivals.

Deery is a campy comedy which features a young lady, Jan, and her remarkable pet deer, Deery. When Jan’s aunt, Margo, and her husband, Norman, leave the city for a visit, things take an odd turn. The crazy but lovable cast of characters rely on Deery and her heroic actions to save them.

Writer and director Todd Magnuson describes the film as “a comedy/parody that’s a combination of those 60s animal TV shows and the worst 60s movie he’d ever watched.”

Magnuson added, “It’s about a man who feeds tourists to his pet dinosaur. From that, we made a crazy full-length movie, that stars a deer as the animal hero, played by a mounted deer head off someone’s wall, thus the title, Deery, Off the Wall.”

Terri Lawrenz co-produced and stars in the film. 

She added, “Even though it’s extremely silly and campy, the production values are high. It’s shot in 4K quality and the sound is great, the music is incredible, and the actors, all local talent, couldn’t have done a better job.”

“Deery Off The Wall” was shot entirely in southeastern South Dakota. The film has won awards for best in its category from the Los Angeles Film Awards, Festigious Film Festival, New York Film Awards, and also won for creativity at the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival.

Deery made its debut at a premiere in a Sioux Falls theater back in January and is being prepared to be released on Amazon sometime this summer. If other theaters or groups want to screen "Deery," it is available on the proper DCP format for digital theaters.

Lawrenz and Magnuson are best known in South Dakota for their TV series "Nature Adventures," which continues is success as well, with a recent acquisition by Cox Media for the outlets of Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, Seattle and Pittsburgh.

For more information, contact Todd Magnuson at 605-941-3320 or email [email protected]



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