Brookings TaeKwonDo Open Championship held

BROOKINGS – Brookings TaeKwonDo hosted its seventh annual Open Championship on April 13. There were more 150 athletes from around the area, including students from South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Canada. The competition took place in three different areas: forms, weapons and sparring. There were over 200 spectators from around the area that attended to cheer on their athletes.

The following students from Brookings TaeKwonDo participated:

Forms: First place – Katie Bortnem, Kayden Huffman, Hunter Mellon, Josiah Miles, Kimberly Miles, Ladd Nelson, Jonathan Scheff, Brooklyn Schmidt, Jim Simmons, Laurissa Thomas and Grace VanderWal. Second place – Kuddyer Baugher, Kaitlyn Button, James Dahl, Leon Miles, Aryana Nelson, Ezra Quail and Garrett VanderWal. Third place – Jasmine Anawski, Caz Brien, Colton Brown, Jennifer Dahl, Chris Hornick, Trestin Johnson, Tagg Nelson, Owen Quail and Liam Wagner. Fourth place – Stephen Anawski, Emily Hagedorn, Hailey Hagedorn and Jack Jeppeson.

Weapons: Third place – Jennifer Dahl.

Sparring: First place – Katie Bortnem, Rylee Dunn, Hailey Hagedorn, Chris Hornick, Trestin Johnson and Josiah Miles. Second place – Caz Brien, James Dahl, Brian Hoass, Emily Hagedorn, Kayden Huffman, Leon Miles and Laurissa Thomas. Third place – Caidynce Schmul and Jonathan Scheff.

ABOVE: Front row – Aryana Nelson, Josiah Miles, Garrett VanderWal, Trestin Johnson, Stephen Anawski and Hunter Mellon; Second row – Kayden Huffman, Ladd Nelson and Kuddyer Baugher; Third row – Kimberly Miles, Jasmine Anawski, Laurissa Thomas, Jennifer Dahl and Kaitlyn Button. Fourth row – Brian Hoass and Leon Miles.

BELOW: Front row – Tagg Nelson, Rylee Dunn, Chris Hornich, Hailey Hagedorn, Emily Hagedorn, Trestin Johnson, James Dahl and Kuddyer Baugher; Back row – Kimberly Miles, Jasmine Anawski, Brian Hoass, Garrett VanderWal, Jennifer Dahl, Laurissa Thomas and Caidynce Schmul.



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