60s Plus Dining 11-20-20


Nov. 23-27

Monday: Beef and cheese enchilada, refried beans, Spanish rice, fruit

Tuesday: Ham and scalloped potatoes, broccoli, red spiced applesauce, bread

Wednesday: Tuna noodle hotdish, peas, peach crisp, bread

Thursday: No service

Friday: No service


Nov. 23-27

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Breaded pork tenetrloin, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, fruit, bread

Wednesday: Hot beef combo, mashed potaotes, Harvard beets, applesauce, bread

Thursday: No service

Friday: Tater tot hotdish, green beans, peaches, bread


Nov. 24-28

Tuesday: Cook’s choice

Wednesday: Thanksgiving meal

Thursday: No service

Friday: Hamburger, potato, side salal with tomatoes, fruit

Saturday: Pizza, side salad with tomatoes, fruit


Nov. 23-27

Monday: Sloppy Joe, tater tots, coleslaw, fruit

Tuesday: Indian tacos with protein, cheeese, lettuce tomatoes, diced potatoes, fruit

Wednesday: Beef commercials, mashed potaoted, broccoli fruit, bread

Thursday: No service

Friday: Fish sandwich, au gratin potatoes, vegetable, fruit


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